Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A sexy grandfather?

So everyone knows about this car...

It is gorgeous. It sounds kinda hideous but it is still gorgeous looking. Those mirrors are reminiscent of a branch and a leaf and the rest of the car has a luscious flow about it that is as smooth as an Alaskan river. The thing is brand new, barely released here in the states and they are already all sold out. That means all of us poor folk and even those of us that are well off and not financially embarrassed cannot even get one if we tried. I'm not gonna lie, i think the car is styled better than Carrie on Sex and the City, but I would not choose one. There are other cars that I would drool over if I were in their presence. Try any of these candidates on for size...

Or this...

Can you believe the way this car sounds? Is it not hotter than some coked out, naked Olsen twins?

Or, my absolute favorite right now...

There is almost nothing like the voice of an LS motor. I want one for my S14 so bad I can taste it. I am full on, in love with this car.

This here is the grandfather to the new Pagani offering. It is a hybrid car of sorts with parts coming from different places to make it a complete vehicle. I think they fit quite nicely. The car certainly has a style all its own and it completely works for me. The front end has its own curvaceous thing going on. This could be the only "sexy grandfather" that I will ever admit to liking.

Thank you to EVO magazine and Mr. Hennessey for putting these videos on Youtube for car nerds like myself to enjoy.


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