Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st Annual Natural Selection Grill & Chill Picnic!

Listen up,

You cannot resist the smell of meat cooking on an open flame. It's instinctive, we are drawn to it as omnivores. This sunday (8.26.12) will be our club's 1st annual Grill & Chill. Bring your family, friends, co-workers, etc. along with you and bring some food to eat. There will be some food for you to eat provided by members of the club, but we're not wealthy. That's why I'm calling it a BYOF. Bring what you know you would like to eat, or bring something to cook on our grill. We will be hanging out @ Toad Suck Park in Conway starting at 5:30pm. Food, friends, cars, family, and a little club business will all happen. This is open to anyone that wants to come along and chill. If you are in Central Arkansas and love cars, you should try hard to show up!

We @ Natural Selection look forward to seeing your face and your ride this Sunday!

- Lawrence.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Does your car suck?

I know my car sucks. There are a lot of people in Natural Selection and Arkansas that have FAR better vehicles than I do. I'm working on my car slowly but surely. I order parts here and there a little at a time. Every time I want/ need to get something to make my car go faster I call my buddy Evan. Pure Performance is the name of his newly opened business. Evan has been building and modifying cars for almost 10 years now, and has extensive experience with anything that's got four wheels and an engine. I have had lots of "car friends," but he is one of the few that knows what he's talking about. From full engine assembly, to swaps, to tuning... you get the idea. Long story short, if you need stuff done, hit him up! <----------- his site for now.

Below are a few examples of his work

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Car night @ Hooters!

Tonight is car night at Hooters in North Little Rock. Are any of you going to be there? As it stands right now, the only members of Natural Selection that can make it to the show are Justin and myself. We will both be rocking our 240sx's. I finally got my new fender on and put both of my drilled Brembo rotors on. The car looks good. Justin's looks better tho. I need to save up money and get some wheels and my shit painted...or get my cam for my L33 v8 I bought. I don't think i've told anyone on the world wide web yet about my L33 i found with an uncut harness and ecu for $950 shipped from Texas. It has 84,600 miles on it documented. I'll add more on that in a later post. I have a BUNCH of photos from the last car night at Hooters so I will be putting them up here and also the new ones i get tonight...stay tuned and stay classy, Arkansas.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, it's been a minute since anything related to the car club or my car in general has occurred. I recently had back surgery, which makes me part cripple for a while, so i've been taking it easy. I have gotten a lot closer to finishing my kouki front end swap. All i have left is to get two small brackets and a few bolts for my recently received JDM front bumper. I'm debating whether or not I'm going to get the car painted, or go full on to the swap i'm planning to do.
I've also had the pleasure of helping my newly made friends out with their cars. For about 4 days our Natural Selection folks have been working on finishing the LS/VTech build on Chad's car. It had a few times where it looked like it would not get finished in our time frame, but we pulled it off. Most recently, Natural Selection teamed up with Conway Christian Car Club and a Christian motorcycle club in order to have a small car show at a local rehabilitation hospital. I took a TON of photos with my new Nikon D3100, and I will be sharing all of this with you in up coming posts.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A sexy grandfather?

So everyone knows about this car...

It is gorgeous. It sounds kinda hideous but it is still gorgeous looking. Those mirrors are reminiscent of a branch and a leaf and the rest of the car has a luscious flow about it that is as smooth as an Alaskan river. The thing is brand new, barely released here in the states and they are already all sold out. That means all of us poor folk and even those of us that are well off and not financially embarrassed cannot even get one if we tried. I'm not gonna lie, i think the car is styled better than Carrie on Sex and the City, but I would not choose one. There are other cars that I would drool over if I were in their presence. Try any of these candidates on for size...

Or this...

Can you believe the way this car sounds? Is it not hotter than some coked out, naked Olsen twins?

Or, my absolute favorite right now...

There is almost nothing like the voice of an LS motor. I want one for my S14 so bad I can taste it. I am full on, in love with this car.

This here is the grandfather to the new Pagani offering. It is a hybrid car of sorts with parts coming from different places to make it a complete vehicle. I think they fit quite nicely. The car certainly has a style all its own and it completely works for me. The front end has its own curvaceous thing going on. This could be the only "sexy grandfather" that I will ever admit to liking.

Thank you to EVO magazine and Mr. Hennessey for putting these videos on Youtube for car nerds like myself to enjoy.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

e30 V10

How do you know when you are in love? Simple for me. When you cannot get something out of your head, and it tugs on your heart: possibly TEARS at your heart. A couple things in my life have done this to me. My chevy s10 that i owned (it was my first vehicle), my dog Lou Bear, my wonderful girlfriend Meishel (she teared my heart up like Katrina tore up New Orleans), and my S14. All of these have a significant place within my heart and within my memories. Each add value to the life that i have lived. Currently, im in a conundrum. I'm not sure if I'm in love or just infatuated with the BMW e30 M3 in this video. Not only is it a superb chassis, and a rare car in general, but it is the epitome of the big engine-little car idea. You see, this owner tore out the old s14 4 cylinder M3 engine that came in the car and replaced it with a slightly modified S85 V10 engine. The owner did the swap. He states in the video that the Vanos system (somewhat like VTEC) is locked which provides for more top end power. He also has a low restriction exhaust and CONCRETE IN THE TRUNK FOR TRACTION. This is by far my favorite BMW powerplant, and due to the song that the engine produces, it is also one of my favorite engines of all time. This video is single-handedly making me beg the question to myself, is this S85 something that I want to go into the engine bay of my S14? Or, do i want to endeavor into a copycat project to simulate this build for myself? I know this car loses to the Porsche it is racing...but do you really care? Does this car not produce a song similar to the one belted out by the Sirens to Odysseus that calls to you and tugs at your heart? I argue that if it does not, you simply do not like cars as much as you believe you do.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

240sx Owner's Meet and Greet

Just as the title states, there will be an s-chassis meet and greet on February 5th in Little Rock. It will be on the top level of the parking garage of the Park Plaza Mall. If you don't know how to get there, visit the link @ and get your google maps working. I hope to see everyone and anyone in Arkansas that owns any s-chassis and nissan car there. I hope i can get some progress done to my S14. This kouki conversion is taking way too long to get rolling! On that note, if anyone has a garage and wants to help me out with getting my kouki conversion done, please hit me up. I would greatly appreciate the help and advise. I already have 98% of the parts needed, brand new and in boxes waiting patiently for me to bring them into the daylight.

Btw...again, Top level of the Park Plaza Mall parking garage, Feb. 5th (its a saturday) and it starts @ 13:00 (1pm). Hope to see lots of people turn out.